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Full Rewire

Do you know that all electrical appliance and products come with an expected lifespan which when reached will require replacement? This lifespan, however, varies with the type of work done, the skill level of the electrician and the type of wiring installed.

At DK WIRED, we are fully insured contractors, who are qualified to test, inspect and also certify your electrical system to decipher whether the wiring or fuse board installations are safe and are in compliance with the current regulations.

Isn't a Full Rewire a Big Job?

A lot of people believe a rewire is a major undertaking and thus, may often leave the electrical boards and circuits until it eventually develops a fault before they run a check on the system. This is not however recommended since many electrical faults may develop without any form of noticeable symptoms and can lead to electrical shock or fire outbreak.

What Can I Do?

With regular routine inspection and testing, you can keep your electrical installation safe and prolong the lifespan of parts, wires and fuseboards even without a complete overhaul of the current system.

At DK WIRED we normally recommend a full rewire when the system has completely become unstable and unsafe. This is often the best solution for older circuitry which has been installed before the widespread of electrical appliances within the home and office or for high power demands. If you're moving into a new property where there is an old fuseboard or the electrics have seen better days, DK WIRED would recommend a full rewire.

How Can DK Wired Help?

With our Full rewire services, DK WIRED is ready to work with you to find the most cost-effective solution to suit your requirements. We have the perfect group of electrical experts that can handle all your complete rewire cases with a minimum disruption.

Do I Need a Full Rewire?

Go through the list below to determine if your electrical system needs a full rewiring:

Does your fuseboard have burnt wires?

Do plug sockets in your house get hot or have scorch marks?

Are the fuses within your installation tripping or blow on a regular basis?

Are you using extensions and adaptors due to a lack of socket outlets?

Do you have fitted lights that use the old twisted type flex and/or round pin plugs and sockets?

Are your fitted cables missing an earth cable?

Has your wiring and fuseboard been checked in the last 5 years?

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